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How can you tell the difference between a legitimate home based business opportunity and a work at home scam?

99.6% of 'GET RICH' Programs are SCAMS. Do you know the Signs?
By Eddie Pennington

If you're looking to make a legitimate income online, then you have to read this because there really are ways to make money on the world wide web. The problem is sorting out the scams from the genuine money-making opportunities. We've spent 18 months picking apart a hundred work at home programs and recording data and numbers. What we discovered was appalling!

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Why should I Freelance?
By Debbi Cunnington

Good question. For those who are uninitiated, freelance is a term used for work that is done in one's free time. It offers a chance to earn a little extra money for those rainy days. However, for some people, 'freelance' can become a way of life. Try doing a quick internet search of the word 'freelance'. The number of sites devoted to this topic are amazing. It seems everybody either wants to provide freelance services or needs somebody to help them desperately.

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The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk
The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

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How To Become a Successful Freelance Blogger
 By Brian S. Konradt

Blogging (short for "web logging"), born from the Internet age, is one of the newer venues for freelance writing. The Internet has generated a lot of news about the financial possibilities open to bloggers: an audience of potentially millions -- along with possible corporate sponsorship, a byline, and infinite creative control -- captures the imagination of many prospective bloggers, and makes blogging seem like an infinitely desirable, lucrative field.

The truth is it is much more difficult to become a successful freelance blogger. A good knowledge of marketing, web design, and being consistent are skills you need to make a living (or a comfortable extra income) from this new form of media.

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How To Work At Home As a Freelancer
 By Brett Krkosska

A freelancer, or contract service provider, is someone who works on a contract or freelance basis. As a freelancer you are acting as a specialist, or expert, in your field. This is not to say you need dozens of awards hanging on your wall, you just need to be proficient and knowledgeable in the duties you perform.

Freelancers are in high demand by employers for many reasons -when a project deadline must be met, when the company lacks adequate expertise or experiences sudden and explosive growth, and so on.

Many times an employer simply cannot justify the additional expense associated with hiring another employee. Since you are not an employee of the company, you keep 100% of the money you earn and are responsible for your own taxes. On the whole, you don't have to be licensed, insured, or have a business of your own. You just have to be a person that can do the project.

Truly, this is self-employment at its best!

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